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File Isolation: Office-365 Based

Office 365 Online is a cloud-based suite of productivity tools from Microsoft, including familiar applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, accessible via the internet. Macros, which are code embedded in Office documents, cannot execute in this environment. Viewing office documents in this environment ensures that employees protect their device from risky macro-enabled documents. To save resources, SquareX can aptly detect Office documents that have macros present so as to provide the users with the option to isolate the document with Office 365 Online.

Open Office Documents with Office 365 Online

Opening Office documents directly with Office 365 Online isolates the document in a secure, cloud-based environment. This approach prevents potentially harmful content from executing on local devices, reducing the risk of malware infections. By leveraging Office 365’s robust security features, documents are rendered safely, ensuring that any malicious code embedded within cannot compromise the user’s device.

Open Malicious Office Documents directly with Office 365 Online

By opening suspected malicious Office documents with Office 365 Online, enterprises can prevent the execution of harmful code on their local networks. This file isolation method uses the cloud’s secure environment to analyze and neutralize threats, ensuring that any malicious activity is contained.