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“Disposable browsing is super helpful as it will block away from the trackers. Disposable file viewer makes unknown file viewing safer. Protecting laptop from being infected with viruses. Well done team!”

Vivien Tong

Chrome Store Review

“Not only providing a VPN like access to protect user's privacy, SquareX's download protection is a game changer. It allow downloading and accessing files from unknown users without affecting/compromising the security of your devices. The overall product is really simple to use and make surfing the net fearlessly a reality”

Ben Poh

Chrome Store Review

“Using this since 2+ months and wondering why no one built this before. The simplicity of the solution makes it easier for non-technical users as well as technical users to have their own use cases. The disposable browser, file viewer and email all work like a charm, every time. You don't need TOR or any other VPN if you have this simple chrome extension.”

Deepak Pandey

Chrome Store Review

“great app. came in handy at the airport with slow and unsafe public wifi good that it has almost no restricted sites and global accessibility hoping to see a standalone browser using this technology in the future”

Jess Mariano

Chrome Store Review

“That's a disruptive technology! Basically it is virtualizing and increasing internet speed connection several times more. Amazing!”

Glauber Castro

Chrome Store Review

“Brilliant! This is the future of web browsing!”

Richard Stadler

Chrome Store Review

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